Grade 0 -7

Drama is a fun way to develop your child’s confidence! We have created a syllabus that is exciting and joyful. It is creative and imaginative, designed to use puppetry, poetry, story-telling, acting, mime and improvisation to develop confidence and skills in all forms of communication.

In the drama class, we create a free space for children to express themselves. They can perform without worrying if their performance is good or bad, or right or wrong. This creative freedom results in spontaneous, joyful expression. Please click on this link to watch a video to learn more.

Our syllabus focuses on specific skills such as:

  • Poetry speaking
  • Reading with expression
  • Story Telling and Puppetry
  • Character acting
  • Improvised acting
  • Expressive movement
  • Prepared and improvised Mime
  • Prepared and Improvised Public speaking
Our focus is joy and fun. We use drama and theatre games that are specifically designed to develop skills in a fun way.
Deborah Nel

Games categories

  • Body warm up games
  • Expressive movement games
  • Mime games
  • Voice warm up games.
  • Games for vocal projection
  • Games for pronunciation and enunciation
  • Vocabulary games
  • Games for vocal variety (tone, volume pitch etc)

Every game we play will cover one or more of these aspects.

  • Games to encourage spontaneity and reduce self-consciousness,
  • Exploring character games
  • Transforming games: Character, object environment.
  • Perspective: exploring depiction, of moods, character, and personality traits.
  • Acting and Reacting (Mirror games)